Great ideas to protect life…

*The shampoo bottle*, the deodorant stick, even your toothbrush—they all get thrown away. But if they were reusable—or refillable—just imagine how much waste could be avoided. That day may be coming . source bloomberg

Amazon feels your pain and has a product for it, ready to ship

Amazon is working on a voice-activated device aimed at recognizing your emotions. The wrist-worn gadget is described as a health and wellness product, but could very well help the ecommerce behemoth target you for advertising. We reported earlier this year how Amazon...

News this morning

*The U.S. beer industry* is blaming President Donald Trump and his trade war for the loss of 40,000 American jobs . So what are they going to do about this ?
Tunisia: Immolation again!

Tunisia: Immolation again!

Very concerned over news of a journalist self-immolating in Tunisia.