I write, sometimes. Here are a few of my LinkedIn articles:

It is Quora’s turn! Quora is hacked!
Backup IMMEDIATELY as much as you can of your LinkedIn data before it is too late! It is already too late for your 1st Connections Email Addresses!
Did I just break LinkedIn?
Will Blockchain and ICOs Change the Face of Project Management?
Seven Tips to Help You Put the What Before the Why
The Best Planners, and Know Before You Go!
Why You Must Always Ask What Before You Ask Why
10 Top Tips on How to Achieve Anything in Life
7 Tips on How to Make the Best Use of Your Time in The Office
7 Tips on How to Plan Your Vacation in The Most Efficient Way.
Why You Should Never Squeeze Staff Too Hard!
7 Tips on How to Prepare Your Workforce for a Tomorrow of AI and IA
7 Top Tips on How to Make the Most of Your Annual Leave
Why Employment Quotas Based on Gender are A Very Bad Idea
Why Women Will Never Get Equal Pay #equalpayday #heforshe
7 Indicators That You Are Working for a Bully Lali
Are You Showing Your Employees the Respect They Deserve?
10 Great Tips on How to Ask For (And Get) The Salary You Deserve
Is Your Indecisive Boss Holding You Back?
How Office Etiquette Can Make You the Star Employee: 10 Ways to Shine!
How to be promoted to C-Suite: the guide HR won’t share with you
How to Improve Your Work-Life Balance: 10 Ways to Act Before It Is Too Late!  <<46,000 clicks
How to Navigate Through the Tempestuous Sea of Office Politics
A Brief Hard-Workers Guide to Dealing with A Domineering Boss <<47,000 clicks!
Family Versus Work – The Ongoing Battle
Are People Really Ready to Open Up About Mental Health?
Brexit and the General Election – A Recipe for Falling House Prices?

How to *easily* export your connections, articles and all data on the NEW LinkedIn!

How many did really perish in Grenfell Inferno? Here is why the cover-up!
Kensington authorities must face trial!


Grenfell Tower – Social Solidarity in the Face of Devastation
Find out if you are a boss or a leader. You might be surprised!  <<< 39,300 views!

A Fight over the Definition of “Standard!”​

Look what those 3 guys did in a living room on the coffee table…

How Autonomous Drive will drive our lives

Turn your social media challenges to successes with this easy recipe!

You can find my other Linkedin activities here.

When I worked at the UN in Geneva, I used to write in the UN Special magazine, mostly about topics that concern the UN and its agenda. Here are direct links:

Humanity’s world-changing agreement, UN Special May 2016
Strengthening the UN with regional and gender diversity at the top, UN Special May 2016
Diabetes is a top five silent killer. Let’s wipe it out!, UN Special April 2016
Great tips to enjoy life despite diabetes, UN Special April 2016
Fighting for gender equality in the Middle East, Why we’re nowhere near finished, UN Special March 2016
What Will Spring 2016 Bring To The Children Of The World?, UN Special Feb 2016
So How Is Life?, UN Special Feb 2016
Urgent Climate Action, Before It Is Too Late, UN Special, Dec 2015
An Overview Of The Post-2015 Agenda And The Sustainable Development Goals, UN Special, Nov 2015
What Makes The Eight UN Secretary Generals Such Inspirational Leaders? , UN Special, Oct 2015
Public Faces Of The United Nations, UN Special, Sep 2015
The United Nations And Harnessing The Might Of Technology To Advance Humanity, UN Special, May 2015
The Cornerstone To Face Today’s And Tomorrow’s Challenges, UN Special, Mar 2015
Centuries Of Hopes And Aspirations, UN Special, Nov 2014
Urbanization, A Blessing Not A Curse, UN Special, Jun 2014
Crucial Environmental Challenges To The Continuity Of Life, UN Special, Apr 2014

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