I write, sometimes. Here are a few of My LinkedIn articles:

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  2. The Best Planners, and Know Before You Go!
  3. Why You Must Always Ask What Before You Ask Why
  4. 10 Top Tips on How to Achieve Anything in Life
  5. 7 Tips on How to Make the Best Use of Your Time in The Office
  6. 7 Tips on How to Plan Your Vacation in The Most Efficient Way.
  7. Why You Should Never Squeeze Staff Too Hard!
  8. 7 Tips on How to Prepare Your Workforce for a Tomorrow of AI and IA
  9. 7 Top Tips on How to Make the Most of Your Annual Leave
  10. Why Employment Quotas Based on Gender are A Very Bad Idea
  11. Why Women Will Never Get Equal Pay #equalpayday #heforshe
  12. 7 Indicators That You Are Working for a Bully Lali
  13. A Brief Hard-Workers Guide to Dealing with A Domineering Boss <<47,000 clicks!
  14. How to Improve Your Work-Life Balance: 10 Ways to Act Before It Is Too Late!  <<46,000 clicks
  15. Find out if you are a boss or a leader. You might be surprised! <<9,000 clicks, 300 likes and 70 shares so far!
  16. Are You Showing Your Employees the Respect They Deserve?
  17. How Office Etiquette Can Make You the Star Employee: 10 Ways to Shine!
  18. How to be promoted to C-Suite: the guide HR won’t share with you
  19. Family Versus Work – The Ongoing Battle
  20. How to Navigate Through the Tempestuous Sea of Office Politics
  21. Brexit and the General Election – A Recipe for Falling House Prices?
  22. Are People Really Ready to Open Up About Mental Health?
  23. Is Your Indecisive Boss Holding You Back?
  24. 10 Great Tips on How to Ask For (And Get) The Salary You Deserve

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